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Diploma in Computer Fundamentals

New Horizons Diploma in Computer Fundamentals

New Horizons Bangladesh is glad to launch Diploma in fundamentals, New Horizons Diploma in Computer Fundamentals (NHDCF). New Horizons Bangladesh has analyzed the IT market and launched this Diploma program. The New Horizons Diploma in Computer Fundamentals (NHDCF) Program is designed with a nice introduction of basic IT concepts. The objectives of this program is to provide basic IT concepts top the beginners, make strong in office work through MS Office and provide designing idea to overall knowledge seekers.

Course Features:

The NHDCF is the blend of basic IT knowledge, Microsoft Office Knowledge and the designing concepts. It covers a various topics on basic IT, hardware & software, Operating systems, network and troubleshooting. It also gives deep knowledge and practical Hands-On training on MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint and MS Outlook. Finally, it give the practical designing concepts of Graphic Design. The NHDCF provides the strong knowledge and practical training and it is the best solution for beginners, job seekers and the executives who want to develop in their field. This Diploma Program expedites the clients to excel in the basic IT field with the guidelines and support from worldwide vendors like CompTIA, Microsoft and Adobe.

Course Duration: 6 months (144 hours)

Course Summary:

Course Information

Candidate’s Eligibility:

Although formal academic education has very little impact on Professional IT learning, still we prefer at least Twelve grade completed with little bit computing knowledge to join in the course.

Candidate from the following field will be benefited from this program:

  • HSC, BA, B.Com, BSS.
  • BBA, MBA, B.Sc in Mathematics, Physics & Statistics. and others